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How do I add a Star?

Stars are our loved ones who have passed away. You should only add a star if you know the person who has passed away, and you should only invite people you know and trust to contribute to any star you create on Memsta.

To add a star on Memsta, you firstly need to create an account (see How do I create a Memsta account?). Once you have created your Memsta account you will be taken to add a star of your loved one.

Please follow the steps below to add your star:

  1. Upload an image of your star by clicking on the + icon. This will open up a new window which is where you will select your star photo. Once you have found the photo you would like to upload, select open. To change or remove the photo you have uploaded, click on the remove text link and this will remove the photo.
  2. Select whether you would like your star page to be public or private:
    Public (can be seen by all Memsta users)
    Private (can only be seen through invites)
  3. Enter the First and Last Name of your star (ie: John Smith)
  4. Enter a short description for your Star which should be no more than 60 characters.
  5. Enter the date of birth and date of passing of your star.
  6. Click the Add Star button on the right side panel

Note: you must enter all of the information correctly before you can successfully add your star.

Updated on 21st June 2017

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