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How do I edit a Star?

To edit a star, you must be the creator of that star.

To edit your star follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Memsta account (see How do I log into my Memsta account?)
  2. Go to your main star page by clicking on the star icon on the top right of your Memsta screen.
  3. You will see a list of your stars on the left panel of your Memsta screen. Click on the star you’d like to edit
  4. On the right panel, you will see your star display (see image below). Click on the Edit text which will bring you to the edit star page
  5. If you would like to change your stars profile photo, click on the remove text which will remove your star photo, then click on the + to upload a new photo of your star.
    Select whether you would like your star page to be public or private:
    Public (can be seen by all Memsta users)
    Private (can only be seen through invites)
  6. Enter the First and Last Name of your star (ie: John Smith)
  7. Enter a short description for your Star which should be no more than 60 characters.
  8. Enter the date of birth and date of passing of your star.
  9. Click the Update Star button on the right side panel

Note: you must enter all of the information correctly before you can successfully edit your star.

Updated on 21st June 2017

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